Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a shop we can buy boards from?

No, currently we do not. We would love to get there one day, just haven’t reached that level, yet.

Do you have boards we can buy today?

Negative ghostwriter. We do however have rentals that are available!

Do you do this full time?

No, we have full time 8-5’s, and we have both been blessed with 2 amazing kiddos each. Andrew works for a consumer news and review company. Alex works for a public utility company.

Do you use Vinyl to create your designs?

Absolutely NOT! When we started this venture, we vowed to never use vinyl graphics. Each set of boards is hand stained/painted using a variety of techniques.

Are your boards waterproof?

Yes and no. While we finish each set with several coats of exterior grade finish, we recommend you not leave them outdoors.

What kind of material do you use?

We use a 3/4” material that is commonly associated with high end cabinet building.

Do you build just cornhole boards?

No. We have built furniture for our homes and other pieces that customers have requested. If you need something built, give us shout and we will let you know when we can get it designed/built!

Do you sell collegiately licensed cornhole boards?

Yes, we currently are officially licensed with the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University and University of Tulsa.

Do you ship cornhole boards?

Yes, we ship via FedEx. They are well packed and fully insured in the event any damage occurs in transit.

How do we order a set of custom cornhole boards?

Drop us an email and let us know what you are looking for as far as the design goes, and if you would like to order bags or any scoring devices as well.

What are your business hours?

We typically are best reached via email or text message. Since we have 8-5’s, it is not always possible to answer phone calls during the day. Do not be offended if you call us and if takes a little while for us to respond with a phone call.  We work on the business after the families are taken care of and the kiddos are asleep.

Why do you require payment up front?

Kinda like when Jim plays pranks on Dwight that make him perform useless tasks that get him nowhere. We focus on the customers that have paid, this allows for us to create a great experience for everyone and we aren’t spending our time on designs that don’t get us anywhere.